Southern Colonies: Picture Story

Characteristics of the Southern Colonies

Use Picture Stories for discussion starters. Also, as an activity, ask your child to interpret the images, and tell a story about the Southern Colonies.

The Old South

“Indigo, historical dye collection of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany” by Shisha-Tom is licensed under CC BY 3.0



Fabric Dyed with Indigo



Triangular Trade

A Southern Plantation Home

A Southern Plantation Home

Tending Sugar Cane

Tending Sugar Cane

Image Credits:

The Old South” by Nimur at en.wikipedia is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Nature of Pinar del Rio” by Gorupdebesanez via Wikimedia Commons (Own work) CC BY SA 3.0

Triangular Trade” by SimonP at en.wikipedia is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0


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