Upcoming Modern History Portfolio Junior

Wow. I’ve just finished the second to the last chapter of the Modern History Portfolio Junior, and I am so excited because I know you will love it.

Within the Portfolio Junior, there are so many suggested opportunities to practice the skills of observation and analysis, to practice writing and to play with words, and to review and reinforce familiarity with all of the new people, places, events, and terms that were introduced by the read aloud selections and image-rich non-fiction sources.

Plus, the pages are going to be so cute when your little people add their personal touches — their precious handwriting. They will be such a treasure in years to come.

This aspect of creating a keepsake is one of the big bonuses of working through a Portfolio. The Portfolios capture a snapshot in time. Not only do the kids treasure them, but it is such a blessing to have the children sit next to you, or their aunts or grandparents, and show their hard work from the school year — all presented in a keepsake Portfolio.

Take a peak at just a couple of double page spreads. The Portfolios have the booklets pasted in, and of course all of the cut-and-paste components from the resource section pasted in as well, but are otherwise left uncompleted.


Left Page: Westward Expansion ——— Right Page: Plains Indians

The Junior History Portfolios have fewer notebooking pages than the History Portfolio “classic” and therefore require much less writing… which is appropriate for the younger age group for whom the books were written. But, the chapters, and topics within the chapters, are the same as the “classic” versions. So, older children working through the “classic” History Portfolio, and younger children working through the Juniors, can work and study side by side.


One Double Page Spread on the Civil War



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