Grasshopper Mini Unit

Grasshoppers: A handy, ready-to-go, multi-level, mini unit.

Project Overview: This grasshopper mini unit and downloadable file in pdf, will produce a single fold, three-sided booklet, for each of three levels; K – 1st grade, 2nd – 3rd grade, and 4th – 5th grade.

Preparation: To complete the unit, learn about grasshoppers by observing them in their natural habitat, read about them from books you own or can access through your local public library, and use the internet to see images of the many types and sizes of grasshoppers in your area and around the world.

Cut-and-paste Activities Include: incomplete metamorphosis, grasshopper anatomy, highlighting keywords in provided paragraphs, determining the topics of provided paragraphs, manuscript and cursive penmanship practice, drawing, tracing, and math.

Three Booklets - Three Levels

Three Booklets – Three Levels


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Download the instructions, and cut and paste materials, for the Grasshopper Mini-unit.

Suggested Supplies: Colored heavy weight paper, scissors, paper cutter (optional), a glue stick. *If you already use the Nature Portfolio, pop this booklet right into the “text box” for grasshoppers and crickets. Not using the Nature Portfolio yet? No worries. Each booklet is complete as-is.  

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