History Portfolios

Research, Read, Write, Illustrate... Tell the Story


A hands-on history curriculum that builds the lifelong skills of research and writing.

Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern "classic" History Portfolios, Junior History Portfolios, Teacher's Guides, Full Color Maps, and Four-part Timeline Matching Cards.



Illustrating the New Testament:

The Annunciation to Zacharias through the Conversion of St. Paul

Bible Study Meets Fine Art


Develop the heart and soul with this hands-on program that lets great artists and iconographers, from throughout the ages and around the world, help to tell the story of the life of Jesus Christ and the beginning of His Church. 


Nature Portfolio

Nature Notebooking Throughout the Year


The Nature Portfolio is an introductory living science course, providing a gentle and creative notebooking approach to exploring the natural world throughout the seasons.

Through the process of reading, and building the specially designed notebooking pages, your child will record their discoveries and create a one-of-a-kind living science keepsake; a book to treasure!



Unit-Study Portfolio

Custom Design Your History Curriculum


Select any five chapters from the entire History Portfolio curriculum and build your own, instantly downloadable, custom designed, history curriculum.

Comes with the handsome Unit Study Portfolio, complete with multi-colored cardstock weight notebooking paper.