Renaissance History Portfolio
"Classic" version for students ages 8 and up.
Description of Contents
The Renaissance History Portfolio is designed for students ages 8, or 9 and up. The body of the Portfolio is divided into chapters of commonly studied historical time periods, cultures and civilizations (see Chapter Titles below). The Table of Contents provides a thorough reference index to work with, indicating topics covering: works of literature, important people, works of art and architecture, important places and events, plus advances in science and technology. The attractively formatted Portfolios contain an entirely unique system of "image boxes" and "text boxes" that support and showcase the student's work, whether hand or type written reports, graphs, diagrams, hand drawn images, photographs, or images accessed from the Internet. Black-line maps of the regions being studied are provided. Companion products are the Teacher's Guide, and the Full Color Maps. Please scroll down for more information.

Chapter Titles
and Description of Maps Within Each Chapter

The Italian Renaissance:
Includes 1 map keyed to highlight the Italian City-States.

The Renaissance in the North:
Includes a cultural map of Europe keyed to highlight important artists, authors, scientists, & important architecture of the time.

The Reformation:
Includes a map of Europe keyed to highlight important people and events.

European Political History 1500 - 1725:
Includes the following maps: Spain c. 1500 A.D; France c. 1600 A.D; Central & Eastern Europe c. 1600 A.D; England, Scotland, & Ireland; and a map of Europe keyed to highlight political boundaries & established churches c. 1600 A.D.

Exploration and Trade:
Includes 3 maps. The first map shows Europe, Africa and Asia, and is keyed to highlight the silk route, the gold and salt route, and the spice route. The second is a map of the world keyed to highlight the routes used by explorers plus the territories held by the Spanish in the Americas. The third is a map keyed to highlight the Atlantic Trade Cycle.


      The timeline comes bound in the book ready to be removed and assembled. The finished timeline measures approximately 11" x 47" and is printed on card stock.

     The Renaissance timeline is divided into sections, allowing a separate strand for each culture or empire. Strands include: The Christians, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, England, Scotland, & Ireland, North America, South America, & Asia. Dates begin at 1300 and continue to 1800 A.D.

Notebooking ideas:
Examples of pages after being creatively filled by students of various ages. Selected from the Renaissance Portfolio's "Italian Renaissance" chapter.